…meet my newest addition. A Le Creuset 5.5 quart round french oven. It will provide a workout just lifting it from the cabinet to the stove.

I have needed had an unnatural affection for coveted really, really wanted one of these since attending a cooking class for soups back in the spring. I’ve been pretty much like Gollum and the ring…”my precious…” (not so pretty, but true :/). They’re on sale for Halloween, so I seized opportunity to snag one.

The color is soooooo “me”…Flame. Yep, that’s its official color (which makes me like it all the more). Anyone who likes Caliente for a nail polish color is gonna like this shade for cookware.

I am rather certain anything I cook in this pot is gonna taste 10% better just because. Then again, the 19-year-old wedding Revereware is on it’s last leg (literally falling apart), so I think it was okay to rationalize getting a new one.

Soup’s on…..y’all come over, ya hear?

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