…just in time for a huge Thanksgiving spread.

Said to me today when my brother-in-law saw me after several weeks (months?):

“Hey Robin, you look great! Have you gained wait? You look like you’ve gained weight.”

Smack, smack! Please note, I did NOT ask the question, “Do I look fat in these pants?” This was simply his backhanded-compliment-kind-of greeting.

Like THIS is what you wanna hear when you’re getting ready to chow down on some of your favorite calorie-riddled eats. Geezaree, the truth h u r t s. >:( Five pounds…more?? Evidently enough to notice within a nanosecond of seeing me.

I suppose I should thank him……..now I’ll have all the motivation necessary to exercise a little lotta will power.

(Don’t tell him, but I’m lacing his dessert with Ex-lax (wicked, maniacle laugh)…and hiding all the toilet paper….I don’t get mad, I get even 😉 ).

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