Kelly (Pass the Torch) tagged me, and since it’s ever so short and sweet, by golly, I think I’m IT! Here goes:

1) I will not drink coffee with dessert. I might drink coffee FOR dessert, but NEVER accompanying it (I also never drink coffee with doughnuts, which for some, I suppose, is a version of morning dessert, especially if sprinkles are included).

2) Before I was old enough to gamble legally, I lost all the money I was given by my father I had gambling at a blackjack table in Vegas. Definite “buyer’s remorse”.

3) I don’t recycle and have horrible guilt because of it.

4) I will buy something I don’t need if it’s 75% off. Although I HATE TO SHOP (which you DO know), I could easily be a bargain-shopaholic (I guess I am a recovering one of those :/).

5) Ugh…this one I despise…I finish only about 1/2 of the books I begin reading (hmmm, maybe this will become a 2007 Resolution….).

I’m tagging Karmyn since she could use an easy post while she’s writing her novel (and before her mom tags her), Claudia because she could use a break in between all her class projects, and LCO, because she recently became a Blogging Chick.

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