Today I am thankful my head is firmly attached to my shoulders. Yes, the discombobulation continues….and the vertigo :/. I am resigned to the fact it’s not going away on its own, so next week I will be visiting a doctor to diagnose the inner ear infection that has got to be causing this. Just when I thought it might be gone, this morning I was treated to a particularly wicked spin.

After an early morning appointment, I was meeting a friend for lunch before picking Thomas up from school for an ortho appointment. I was very early for lunch, it was too far to drive home, and frankly, I was thrilled to have AN HOUR to read some of my cyberpals. There was angel-devil-shoulder debate about reading instead, but when free wi-fi is in the house, I take advantage.

Please refer to sentence two of paragraph one now. My wireless connection was on the blitz [Insert your favorite profane statement here.]. I clicked everything I could think of to determine and repair the problem (it had worked fine earlier this week). Then…….after about half an hour, I sucked it up and called Tad. One of the error messages was to make sure my wireless switch was enabled–thing is, I don’t exactly have a switch, it’s a function of the function keys. He told me the toggle, and I toggled…nada. So, I kept clickin’ and even asked the very smart-looking student next to me if she had any ideas. Suffice it to say, her smart looks had nothing to do with computers.

Now it became a challenge–man vs. beast. Yes, BEAST. My laposaur was NOT going to win. I would not give it consent to make me feel inferior. So……I called 4-1-1 and got a connection to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Yep, the Geek Squad. They told me the same thing Tad did, and without going in to the store, that was the best they could offer.

But guess what? I kept a’ clickin’ and finally……FINALLY, due diligence paid off. I figured it out–but can’t tell you because it’s a double-naught secret (aka I have no idea how to recreate it…something about enabling something that had been disabled. If I find out “how” it became disabled I will hurt someone). My student neighbor was proud of me. The staff at Panera was hopeful I would now give up my table or order more than a Pepsi (which I HAD to buy because of the companion nausea experienced during my ride on Vertigo) . Me? I could finally check in on a few of you. It only took an hour to show Mr. Lappy who’s the boss.

Except then my lunch date showed up and that was the end of that. Talk about timing :/.

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