One of the coolest things from yesterday’s post was a point I didn’t get to; the title was “Unexpected GiftS” but I only got to the first one. The “s” implies more than one, and there was.

When I got to the dealership, there were three cars in front of me, but they still checked me in quickly. I reminded them what I was there for, and in addition to the brake job, I asked them to check the thingamajig that squirts water on the windshield…you know, the fluid that’s supposed to hose off bug guts and bird mess. Ours has never worked that I can recall, a bubbling dribble does little more than dampen the hood of the car and frustrate me.

They have a nice waiting room so off I went to blog on my lappy, coffee in hand. No sooner had I powered up, did Chris-the-service-concierge come and find me to tell me the “news”.

Chris: “Ma’am, your brakes are just fine…they don’t need to be replaced.”

Me, oh so intelligently: “Huh?”

Chris: “That’s right, they’re only about half-worn, so if you replace ’em now, you’re just throwing money away.”

Me, dumbfounded: “Oookaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Then what’s that racket we’re hearing.”

Chris: “I don’t really know, ma’am (I’m feeling a thousand years old). We’ll check ’em and clean ’em, but when they need to be replaced, you won’t wonder about it. You’ll KNOW.”

Ten minutes later I’m on my way with my not-so-squeaky-but-clean brakes and a windshield-squirter-thingy spraying at the speed of sneeze. Best of all, no charge :).

It hit me driving home that there was no “real” reason to go to the dealership yesterday, our brakes were fine.

And I would’ve missed an amazing show.

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