Today Gina, the-place-we-got-our-bathroom-fixtures-from-girl, said to me as I was out the door, goods in hand, “Hey, you know you look like Alanis Morissette, right, I bet you get that all the time…”. To which I replied, “Actually, that’s a new one, but I do wish I had some pipes on me like hers.” I’ve been told I look like Leah Remini (minus the heavy make-up…and body-before-baby), Chelsea Noble (I was in love with Kirk Cameron during the “Growing Pains” years), and yikes! even Kathie Lee. I’m not saying I agree with any of the above, but it’s always interesting to know how people see you.

Matt commented to my blog recently, so I paid him a little visit. Among other things, I thought this was v e r y nifty. I figured at least one of the above girlie-Qs would be included in this face recognition thingy, but it came up with a whole new batch. Go figure.

I think I just look like myself.

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