So, I kind of was creeped out to have tons o’ pictures of moi posted here, so most of ’em have gone AWOL. No weird comments or anything, but I’m SICK of people IRL telling me “You need to be careful…you don’t know what kind of whack jobs are reading your blog. YOU might have good intentions, but they…” and you can fill in the blank with your favorite axe-murdering, seriel rapist kind of scenario :/. So, here it is in summary, mainly so I don’t forget.

I left this post ’cause it didn’t have my picture, not by any intention of my own. I’m blog-impaired at times, what can I say?

Photo #1, My lookalikes, (the only one I’m leaving since I’m incognito): Little Richard, Gabrielle Union, YOUNG Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Rita Hayworth, Hugh Jackman

Photo #2: Lacey Chabert, Rusiana, Julianna Margulies, Julia Stiles, Sheryn Regis, Katherine Heigle

Photo #3: Yamila Diaz, Cybil Shepherd, Sarah Jessica Parker, THE ROCK (HA! Still cracking me up, more than Little Richard), Zhang Ziyi, Elizabeth Shue.

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