I’ve written several posts in the past about how our actions affect others, the power of influence, sometimes, when we don’t even know it. Here’s a quickie, that if it motivates one person to do something differently, I would be thrilled. If two people respond, well then, I’ll turn a cartwheel. Three? I’ll make something very chocolicious! AND SHARE :).

For her birthday, Karmyn asked her readers to extend a random act of kindness to others. Recently, Mary/Mert did something for me, in spite of the fact she’s recovering from surgery and she’s had sick babies:(. She designed a blinkie for me and Swampwitch for our recycling challenge, aka S.P.E.A.R. 2007. Lookie here:

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Isn’t it the dandiest? If you’re taking part in our challenge, please feel free to pick it up to bling your sidebar with a little green :). (Email me if cutting and pasting doesn’t work…). And for heaven’s sake, whether or not you’re “participating”, Just do SOMETHING!! One thing is better than NOTHING, right? Baby steps, not giant leaps (for us recycling newbies). We’re not trying to solve world hunger…it’s more like feeding your neighbor.

And your actions WILL affect others, maybe ever-so-slightly, but at least positively.

THANKS TO MERT for her generosity of time…SHE ROCKS!

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