Literally :(.  Shattered

My car was parked eight spaces from the road, beside the church building where I was at a Bible study…a church parking lot.  Broad daylight.

My car was backed into the space, so the front was facing out, and as I walked to it I noticed what looked like shattered glass in the passenger seat.  I did not process the fact there was no window remaining in the passenger door.  I opened my door and that’s when the realization hit.  Glass EVERYWHERE–how could there be SO MUCH GLASS from one window?  How could someone be so brazen to do this in BROAD DAYLIGHT? 

Because I was late (yet another story), I decided to leave my pocketbook in the car, out of view under the console between the two front seats (why does that sentence feel like I was trying to go for a preposition-use contest?).  It’s not a high crime area, and did I mention it was a church parking lot in a spot BESIDE the building?  Yes, I believe I did.  I’m not a purse fiend, but I LIKED this bag.  It was a gift from my favorite sister for Christmas–a "Prada" wannabe, a knock-off straight from the Black_prada
streets of New York City.  I’m not a label girl (or a fake label girl…hmmmm, a "fable" girl…) either, but this pocketbook was a perfect size, very neutral, great for everyday–I am NOT into changing purses to match shoes, so these attributes are important.  PLUS, I hate to shop for shoes OR purses, because it is RARE for there to be only three choices.  Any more than that, and I short circuit and come away with nothing (or six pairs of shoes…I’m not kidding). 

I fell apart when I realized what happened.  I cannot imagine having your home broken into or being physically assaulted–knowing there’s someone out there with your name and address is a s t r a n g e feeling….  The incident for the perpetrator probably took all of 90 seconds, but this violation has lingering effect. 

There are positive things to consider–no one else’s car was touched…my digital camera and cell phone WERE IN THE CAR IN PLAIN VIEW, and they were left alone (maybe they could tell the camera is a stinkin’ lemon:/)…there were additional credit cards in the car, just removed from my wallet for who knows WHAT reason (I don’t, and I’m the one who did it!), there were no extra sets of keys in my bag, we have insurance to cover the window damage.  The eerie feeling that lingers, though, is they know my address, they know what I look like, and they know what my children look like…:(.

Oh, an interesting aside, perhaps only to me, my car was broken into once before, maybe 10-15 years ago in South Carolina.  The location?  A parking lot between my former church and the retirement community where I used to work.  Under a streetlight.  While I was at a Bible study.

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