1)  $1,000* to the first person to CORRECTLY identify what in the world these are:


2)  Woke up at four friggin’ a.m. again….round 37 of Insomnia vs. Sandman.  This morning there was a treat, though.  Not long after I was awakened, it started raining.  Hard! Waaahoooo!  a)  I LOVELOVELOVE the cadence of rain, especially when I’m snuggled under covers with no where to be…at 4:00 in the morning, snuggled under covers IS where I’m supposed to be.  b)  someone took a yellow crayon and colored the Tennessee Valley.  I think it was God.  No…wait… it wasn’t a yellow crayon, it was yellow dusting powder.  I am soooo thnkin’ of Amelia Bedelia "dusting the furniture" right now, lol.  c)  In other words, THE GREAT POLLEN BEAST HAS ATTACKED WITH A VENGEANCE and a nice, steady rain is like running Chattanooga through the Goo Goo car wash…a REALLY BIG car wash :).  Bye-bye itchy eyes, buh-bye scratchy throat and runny nose!  No more cars inviting young ones to commit obnoxious-but-predictable acts of graffiti, usually including the words "Wash me" for the less imaginative. 

3)  I’ve been blogging by the skin of my teeth this week…between technical difficulties and just tons o’ stuff to do, I’ve barely been able to write, let alone, read my 213 (crap! that many???) feeds.  a)  I had NO idea that writing about black, pointed-toe ROACH STOMPERS would bring anyone to tears.  Y’all are sweet, if I could send each and every one of you a pounder of Peanut M&Ms, I would.  BeCaramel_machtter yet, I’d love to take you all out for a S-M-O-K-I-N-G Caramel Macchiato; with whole milk, it’d only set you back 310 calories.  Of course, I prefer half-and-half for the ultimate indulgence, Mmmmmm!   b) for my post about GLOVE LOVE, i) I adore the new vocabulary word I picked up from theotherbear:  "swish", as in "My black leopard-print gloves are so stinkin’ adorable, they’re absolutely SWISH!  ii) I also learned from Chris B, that basic yellow rubber gloves are called "marigolds" and iii) in comments, I learned A LOT about my readers:  Mark’s postcard was really a subversive love note, Claudia cleans in black leather and fishnets, Karmyn called my gloves "spiffy", Kristy thought they were "flippin cute", Jenny "loved ’em", Beccy, "decadent", Suz wants a maid, Tracey’s a movie trivia buff, and LCO can SING!  Too dang many peeps to link, go read the comments and then check out these favorite bloggers of mine 🙂    c) and yesterday’s post was just lame, even if I do **heart** Demotivators.

I’m sorry guys, here’s what you have to look forward to next week: 

4)  Tags.  Beaver dam!  a) Willowtree got me with the *()^&*(% Seven Song Meme (I think he did this to torture me because he KNOWS I.CAN’T.MAKE.A. DECISION!!!), I think I figured out a way to minimize my answers.  b)  Drama Mama Stephanie tagged me with the the down and dirty of being a mom.  Again, that will make me slow down enough to think about my answer before I blog it.  I’ve enjoyed reading other responses to this one…there are sooo many ways to handle it, but I think as a mom, we share a certain camaraderie…a sistah-hood.  We ALL know the "secret handshake" involves wiping someone else’s nose AND behind :/.  c)  And MaryMert…oh, my law, she gave me an early birthday present:  she included me as one of Thinking Blogger Award recipients.  Geezaree, she was soooo ding-dang SWEET!  Among other things, she said, "…Robin’s is another writer of such
great talent. She writes what she feels, and doesn’t leave a thing to
be desired. Robin is another blogger who can put anything into words
and it sounds so elegant.. but truly heart felt and brutally honest

Wow, she blew so much air up my skirt, I’m afraid I’m flashing everyone in town with my Hanky Panky’s unmentionables.  MaryMert and I go back to before she came out of her Dork Closet ;).

5)  And now, for another picture…$1,000* if you can tell me what the heck is WRONG with THIS picture!!! 


Wait, I’ll even give you a CLOSER look:


  If you visit my first PENSIEVE blog (** s i g h **, I miss the design), you’ll get a BIG clue.  All I have to say on this one is FIVE MONTHS, PEOPLE!

6)  For all you cutie-patooties who have been extending your birthday wishes, you weren’t late…or on time…you were EARLY!  But I thank you anyway.

And for my LAST randomrie, and because I could NOT end on boring ol’ #6, I’ll give you one more: 

7)  TODAY is my birthday!!  Waahoooo!!!  Forty-four.  Yes, 4-4…I am totally owning EVERY year, because by golly, I’ve LIVED every freakin’ year…I’ve got the weight…and wrinkles and gray hair (although my special shampoo takes care of that one) to show for it.  And the near-20-year marriage, and the three precious kids.  Call me weird, I happen to l i k e my 40s, it feels g o o d in the skin I’m in these days (although, frankly, I wouldn’t mind giving up the wrinkles :/).

And look at the HEALTHY GREEN SNACK Tad and the kids got me for my birthday!!!  DY-NO-MITE DOES come in small packages ;)!

Happy weekend, y’all, we have company on the way (‘nother WAHHOOOO!), Tad’s brother and his WONDERFUL family, so you know what I’m up to next…*(&*)^ cleaning my house :/.  I’ll be back in the swing of things early next week!  Thanks for sticking with me :).

* after I purchase the winning lottery ticket 🙂


Oopsie…….I meant to include this with the photos on #5.  It’s just sooooo sad to me.  T e a r s :/.

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