I’m a M-O-T-H-E-R, hear me RRRRRRR O A R!  Especially when one of my children boys does something that is so gross despicable uncouth unpredictable and I-just-don’t-get-it BOY!  The kind of stuff that makes them look like we’re raising them in a barn…or not training them at all. 

Why the rant?  What am I talkin’ about THIS time?  Here….listen to today’s choice conversation bouncing around the walls of Chez Pensieve:

Tad:  “Thomas?  What were you throwing out the window this morning?”

Thomas:  “Huh?”

Tad:  “This morning, while I was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table…something was being poured out of your window.”   You might note here, Thomas’ bedroom is directly above the kitchen.  The table is beside a large, three-panel window.

I was in another part of the house overhearing this conversation take place, and in a crystalline moment of comprehension, I KNEW what had happened……

Me, a shrill screech:  “HE PEED OUT HIS BEDROOM WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  This was the expression on my face:   >:[

This should be no surprise.  It’s the same kid who, before bringing the trashcan up our driveway, used the bathroom at the bottom of the hill (outside, broad daylight, in view of God and everybody). The same kid who’s used an empty Coke can in the car. The same kid who, for some unknown reason, stood at the door of our den, sprinkling the brick patio – where we eat outside when the weather is decent! – who got “found out” because WHILE WE WERE EATING, Tad noticed the patio was wet and it (ahem) smelled “suspect.”  

And THEN it occurred to me, in addition to this not being a surprise at all, it started a long, long time ago. 


Back then we thought it was cute.  Newsflash…the window for “cute” closes about age 5.  After that, it might just get you arrested.

Revised:  At dinner, I found out he’s been doin’ “this” for a while, but this is the first time this year.  Ignorance was b l i s s  


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