Check out the new clues and revision below 🙂


How about a few clues?

1)  Photo quality stinks because it was taken with a cell phone…hopefully NOT while driving!

2)  Chas  is disqualified from guessing.

And look at the cutie who greeted us this week as we pulled into our neighbor- hood. 
Mind you, we don’t live in the sticks, there’s a 1,700-student high school less than a mile from us!  We’ve also been greeted by hedgehogs, deer, raccoon, geese, ducks, squirrels and a hawk… and something indigenous to Tennessee that looks like a blue heron but I’m rather sure it’s not.  Wish we had pictures of all of them, they’re usually faster on the run than we are on the camera-draw.

The pond just out of view on the left and the creek just out of view on the right can probably be attributed to the wildlife comfortably living in the sorta-city.

Thomas hopped out of the car to try to get a closer shot (this was with my phone, too), but when Mr. Le Pew raised his bushy tail, Thomas hightailed it back himself!  It would’ve been a shame to make the kid sleep and eat in the garage for a week with the Spring temperatures plunging back into Winter again, lol.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * *

Right on queue, on my way out this morning, look what waddled out to wing me hello~


I’m not sure where his partner was, they usually travel together.

Anyhoo, Karmyn’s got the lead in today’s photo-mystery above…this is what I’m after:

a)  Who is this?

b)  Does this person DESERVE IT???????  

C)  Would you be scared to be my friend IRL because anything you say…or do…or that HAPPENS TO YOU…can and WILL be blogged against you???

d)  Name the specific body part.

e)  How did it happen (if you read Pensieve back when this joker was blogging, you could guess..if you’re really interested in winning NOTHING a great prize package, you can search my Blogger blog to determine who and how…).

f)  Then, thank God for all things pure and holy, the photographee did NOT send the second photograph he/she threatened to send.  It would’ve been…just plain wrong in 31 flavors :/.

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