WDscn1634hat a time for me to go MIA…:/!  I’m trying to keep up with comments from yesterday’s post, but I’m a bit behind.  I certainly had no idea when I posted it, it would generate that many responses, but go figure…you really never can calculate that in advance, and Lord knows I was a bit fearful when I hit "publish".  B U T, as is often the case, you’ve inspired me :).  Like just about every blogger I know (or more likely DON’T know), your thoughts are appreciated, and "thank you" only begins to express my gratitude for your generosity.  With temperatures in the 80s in the Tennessee Valley, that swooshy air blowin’ up my skirt sure feels refreshingly nice!

I’m thinking through a response (hence, your inspiration), but also later this week I hope to post completed–yes, COMPLETED (!)–photos of our bathroom renovation.  It’s only taken (counting on my fingers…) SEVEN MONTHS! 

Bathing never felt so good.  Okay, showering, I rarely bathe.  Even though I’ve got an awesome garden tub.  That you’ll see.  Soon!! 

Somebody better be shouting "Amen!" :).

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