Or maybe most of ’em shouldn’t even try…
And some black men can’t either or shouldn’t even try.

But when they "dance like no one’s watching"–even though the world wide web is–well that makes for some pretty funny entertainment (in a toilet-flushing cat, euphemism-generating kind of way).

While I was looking for those Hallmark plaques last night, I found "The Daddy of all Dance Offs".  Mamma Mia, squirrel away the wee cheap burrito (guilty again), I can’t imagine what these father’s kids are thinking right now…or their wives…or their mamas…or anyone who has ever known them.  $5,000 doesn’t come close to what it’d take for me our kids to let Tad enter this contest.  Anyone who knows him IRL is crackin’ up at the thought right now…Tad…dancing…:D.  Unless it’s a s l o w dance, THEN we’re talkin’ a whole ‘nother ballgame…;)

Stephen and I laughed through all the contestants, voted for Tampa, but looked to begin with because the first guy was from Charlotte (I might’ve actually known him–ha!).  But then, I noticed Houston on the list.  And I thought about the Drama Mamas.  It’s obvious he was using a pseudonym–"Lance Gross" is just a little too perfect for his (ahem, cough cough)  smooth m o v e s.  Instead, I think we might have a sighting of Victor…or Matthew…or maybe, even Evil Dwight!!  Quick, somebody claim him!

Gosh, I could use a dose of Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman" right now…or Swayze or Travolta, Travolta, Travolta…or better yet, Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire, or (I’m overdosing on youtube right now)  my favorite du jour, Hines and Baryshnikov

Mmmm…men who CAN dance…


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