Do you remember my kinda-sorta contest, held to keep my blog company while I was "away"?  The one where all it took to win was an interesting comment?  Well, what it may have lacked in quantity, it more than made up for in quality.   Because of a rainy start to our vacation, I was able to read most of these while we were at the beach; because you can feel the vacation-condo walls crushing in the harder it rains (thereby causing five people to go "bump" in the DAY and the night), I was most thankful to have a wi-fi blogging spot to escape to until the sun decided to shine. 

Without further ado, here are the runner-ups (in order of their winning comments):


She wrote an original joke.  The punchline made me giggle:  ""The Ring Man always posts twice!"   Read the original post for the rest of it.


Oooooooo, what a poet!

Because she’s so kind hearted,
E’er she even parted,
Robin left us with the task of commenting in her blog.
And whilst enjoying her vacation,
She shared the situation
Of a
giant alley-gator from the bog.

And so I think I’ll nerve it,
Even though I don’t deserve it,
And hope to win whate’er the prize may be.
Perhaps she will take pity
On my silly little ditty
While I’m busy building my Texas-sized ark, you see.


She resorted to bribery AND flattery.  I like her style…automatic finalist.


She’s a fellow limerick-cist and that always deserves a prize.

And the winner?  Oh….my….no competition…both quality AND quantity (in his words, "stuffing the ballot box"): 
Steve at Counting on Whales, one of the most brilliant albeit tortured writers in the blogosphere.  The first post of his I came across, In the Land of Women, was a result of blog hopping after being tagged by Rachelle and then posting my morning face challenge (yikes!), originated by Lisa Samson of Author Intrusion.  That post earned him an "add" in my bloglines…and I imagine any? every? woman would swoon after reading that post.   

Steve limericked, haikued, and self-talked himself into the winner’s circle.  With comments like this:

"And so, in the (mostly) anapestic tetrameter (thank you Wikipedia)
style of the inimitable (yet here I am imitating him) Theodor Seuss
Geisel, I present this…"

and the poem that followed:

To win a good prize is a challenging test
It requires special skills (or just being a pest)
So I offer this poem to go with the rest
And I hope it’s just right, that it’s one of the best

But if not I will comfort my soul with this truth
Rediscovering the meter of Seuss from my youth
Was enjoyment enough (I liked being a sleuth)      
…Or perhaps I’ll just mix up some gin and vermouth

…I had a new blush.  Check out the post for the rest of his shenanigans and what the others had to say.

** ALL Y’ALL SEND ME YOUR SNAIL MAILS QUICKLY so I can get your as promised lame, cheap but symbolic GREAT p r i z e s (the word "prize" being used rather loosely…)  in the mail (cause I’m headed out of town again…).

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Yesterday I was suckered into had the honor of pinch hitting for 
Karmyn while she’s vacationing with her family in California.  It was my first opportunity to guest blog for a bluddy who’s too daggum lazy to write her own scheduled posts who’s brilliant enough to plan ahead, and if I wasn’t such a disorganized procrastinator fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl, I might ask others to do the same for me.   Instead, I either a) blog when I said I wasn’t going to, or b) go eerily and uncharacteristically silent. 

Before losing too much sleep over what to write for Karmyn, I came across this at My Splatter Painted Life.  Since one of Karmyn’s stops is at the
at Magic Kingdom of Princesses, and for all the reasons I mentioned in my post at Dreaming What Ifs, I had to crown Karmyn princess. 

She’s not the only bluddy I think is a royal something or another, there are a few more tiaras I wanted to hand out.  In addition to their comments at Robin’s Pensieve, I’m crowning these princesses for their emails of encouragement to me.  Without elaborating on my affections for these chickaritas, rest assured they’re all fantastic bloggers and regular (whatever "regular" may mean these days….:/) reads of mine:  Claudia, Pamela, Kathy, Kristy, Mindy, Carol, Laurel and E-mom .  And although she’s never emailed me, I think Little Miss Moi reeks of princessness because she begins every comment with "Dear…".  Charming, yes?

 (A bonus paragraph that reeks of my sometimes- inability to make a decision and stick with it):  Crapola!  I forgot Susan!  Guess it has something to do with that not-blogging thing, but she’s still a princess–email & comment-style–to me…  And Erin, it’s her birthday for heaven’s sake!  Isn’t everyone of the female persuasion a princess on her birthday?!  (And speaking of birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANICE!!  An awesome non-blogger whom I LOVE TO PIECES!) 

Now, my new little Royals, go forth and crown some princesses of your own!

More awards & memes coming tomorrow….

But for now…WHEW!  That’s all folks…that’s ENOUGH! 🙂

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