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Surcies - Message in a bottle


Surcie IS a word, and if you receive one, it will make your day decidedly better.


“Surcie” is a word introduced to me in college by my then new-found best friend, Cassie  Cassie was from the Charleston, S.C. area and I was instantly drawn to her interesting Low Country accent.  In spite of what those who live outside the American South may think, all Southernese is NOT the same, not even within the same state.  Hollywood usually butchers the endearing Southern drawl, but the ladies at Designing Women got it right (even Jean Smart, the only non-Southern born main character).

Cassie was great about giving me little, inexpensive “thought gifts”.  A batch of cookies, a box of Kleenex (when I was a broke college student with a cold using sandpapery dorm toilet paper), a can of “good” hairspray because this was the 80s and big hair was in (Cassie swears I used to roll my hair three times before going out, but I’m sure she was exaggerating….).

Lagniappe is a similar concept – think Baker’s Dozen – but it seems less about the thoughtfulness and more about the thing.  Surcies, on the other hand, come with intention, are full of thoughtfulness, and speak love for others.  They usually don’t cost much (although they can), and they’re the type gift that can make someone’s day.

So…I hope you’ll take the word, make it your own and set out to become a surcie-giver.  I’m pretty sure when you give one, an angel earns its wings.

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