If it weren’t for the travel, I’d love to travel.

If in life it is true that "it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey", I’d say the converse is absolutely true for travel.  Getting there, wherever "there" may be, is little more than an annoying and time consuming means to an end.  I hear a chorus of "Amens!" from parents who’ve traveled with children.  Age doesn’t seem to matter; whining may change shape and size as they grow older–the pitch may become less shrill, fewer tears may be shed–but does the License Plate game ever appease for very long?  And if you fly?  Well, I don’t like having NO control  the thought of my body parts being flung over three different states flying, so I think I’ll avoid talking about it altogether.

Anyways….in the case of our trip out West (predominately the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone), in spite of THE travel, it was worth it.  Seeing the amazing works of creation in person I’ve read about and observed in pictures since I was school age?  Had we lost our luggage, missed our connecting flight, had to sit next to someone on the plane who defied personal hygiene, it would’ve still been worth the "price" of admission. 

I’ve come away with a sense of urgency to tell others they MUST go!  It should be REQUIRED for every American citizen!  Our country is abundantly blessed with priceless natural treasures and it’s worth the time…the effort…the expense of GETTING THERE!!  For those of you who live within a few hours?  Well, I hope you’re taking advantage of it. 

What IS certain, I’m afraid, is my pictures don’t begin to do it justice; then, again, even the BEST, most professional photography in the world doesn’t convey the spectacular show you’ll see if you’ll just go there yourself. 

So….continuing the lighter side of our trip, here is a continuation of my favorite memories:

[7]  The family that sleeps together  swaps spit  prays  PLAYS together, stays together. 

Actually, forget the strike-through…we did all of the above.  More than once. 

There’s not a germiphobe in our family; I guess our children are modeling what they’ve seen in me (and Tad).  Outside of begging bribing reminding them to wash their hands after using the bathroom, pretty much anything goes.  That’s how we managed to pass around the same water bottle on hikes without batting an eyelash, how I used Rachel’s toothbrush when we camped (at least I brushed, which is more than I can say Dscn2535
for the boys :/) because I couldn’t find mine, how Rachel TRIED to re-use the contact she had dropped on a NASTY, CAMPGROUND bathroom floor (that one grossed me out), and how I, after that night of camping, wore the same clothes AND make-up two days in a row.  Did I mention I brushed my teeth?

We shared a motel room most nights, we thanked God for the beautiful show everyday, we played a thousand hands of gin, and we even had a charades "tournament" (don’t askDscn2586
me why Stephen thought it was a competitive sport!).Dscn2772

Okay…#7 was long, so I think I’ll close this post, start on another, and take a short course in Brevity 101.

Back with some more memories soon….!

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