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Remember the Thankful Box and when I required my family to submit–in writing, no less–their “thanksgivings” in order to eat Thanksgiving lunch?

Well, I came up with a new version for Christmas dinner :).

Last night, as we finished the last bite of “Company’s Coming Beef Tenderloin” and all the mmmmmmDELICIOUS fixins that accompany half a side of red beef, right about the time we needed a wheelbarrow to cart us out, I required a “ticket” to leave the dinner table.  The kids were desperate to leave so they could pick up where they left off with Rockband, so they reluctantly willingly complied.

This time around, they were required to submit–in writing again–their Outstanding Memory of 2007.  Everyone penned one (or more) thoughts that were memorable–good, bad or ugly; then, we took turns drawing them out of the box, reading them, guessing whose memories they were, and then that person was the next to draw.

I’ll just say this about that:

— GREAT idea!
— FABULOUS conversation
— they actually ENJOYED the exercise
— we SAVORED our year…even the difficult things…

…and I’ll tuck those “memories” into an envelope marked “2007” and share them with my family years down the road.

It’s kind of like a time capsule of thought….hmmmm, or a PENSIEVE :)!  No wonder I thought of it ;).


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