What’s in this can?  I have no idea.
The label has been gone so long, I’ve long forgotten what’s inside.
This little can has been a mysterious silvery tease for over two years and I decided for Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler’s inaugural post–in keeping with the Mystery Box photo that was the impetus for this monthly contest–I’d photograph it as an excuse to finally open it and see what’s inside.
Surprising to me is I LIKED these photographs–it never occurred to me that something so benign could be aesthetically pleasing to the eye
(at least to me, anyway).
The first correct guess wins a $25 Visa Check Card to be used to buy a few groceries for yourself.  The most imaginative guess wins, too…but I’ll have to think on that one.
Answer and winners will be posted on Friday.  Be sure to follow the Puzzler link for details.  You don’t wanna be disqualified ;).


Even if your first guess has been taken, remember points are given for creativity.  And "points" equals some sort of whiz-bang prize in my book…make me smile.  Better yet, make me laugh…;).

Wanna win one of 13 cookbooks?  Click here–it’s a SUPER fun thing to do :)!
OOooo!  And Terza Rima…how could I forget that while I’m linking all over the place?  PLEASE join me and a few of my favorite peeps!

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