My favorite Valentine’s gift evah was given to me in college by my then boyfriend, now husband of 20+ years: a hand-made card.


It’s little surprise that a “words of encouragement” girl would choose a card for her favorite gift, but I’m afraid Hallmark got it wrong when they laid claim to “When you care enough to send the very best” – nothing they have for sale could beat this homemade creation of his.

The only thing it cost him was a little time, but to me, it’s priceless.  If our house goes up in flames, after throwing my family out the window, this is going next.

My Favorite Valentine


Best Valentine

 (A college guy voluntarily telling you how he feels?!  Jackpot!  For the record, Tad would have NEVER given me gin in college; a) I never drank it, and b) he didn’t drink alcohol).

Fun homemade Valentine

Homemade Valentine

Who knows why he chose Clark Bynum (a Clemson basketball player at the time) as someone I could’ve gone out with…it was as random then as it is to me now.  Tad was not a frat boy, but I was a sorority girl and he endured those kinds of functions.  I loved South Carolina beaches and mountains then…and miss them terribly now.

Hand-made Valentine

Best Valentine EVER

For a while, he was a cowboy (as far as the boots and truck went) and I used to joke that if he saw a cow on the side of the road or a girl in a bikini, he’d notice the cow. I doubt it was true but it’s funny to think about now.


He still makes me feel like he only has eyes for me.


He never made another homemade card. I guess like Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, he crafted an enduring masterpiece the first time.

Every once in a blue moon, I suppose perfection doesn’t need practice.


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