This is heart-warming underdog story, sure to move in the hearts of even the most skeptical cynic.  If you haven't heard Paul Potts sing, please…PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to this gifted man use a voice that surely gives angels reason to weep.

Watching this mesmerizing performance of Puccini's "Nessun Dorma", I became an instant fan of opera…and Paul Potts. 

His is a precious Cinderella story that leaves you applauding his triumph and having been given the rare opportunity to watch a cocooned butterfly spread glorious newfound wings.

While this is hardly current news–he won Britain's version of "American Idol" last June–my introduction to Potts occurred in church of all places (to introduce a series of discovering your own God-given talent and using it fully to serve those inside and outside the church).

Read more about Potts' story here.   

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