[1]  My buddy-and-favorite-webmaster, Phil, has Paula Deen’s February newsletter up.   In addition to her recipes for Molten Lava Cakes and Roasted Prime Rib (yes, life is short, start with dessert first!), there are some tips on making a memorable romantic dinner.  While I’ve often heard that "sex begins in the kitchen", it never occurred to me to "Bring a table and chairs into the bedroom for a romantic surprise….".  They also suggest to "Set up a bowl of melted chocolate  so your honey can dip their favorite fruits in it," but I’m thinking, knowing Paula (because we’re such good friends and all), she has other things in mind for the melted chocolate.  Click here to read the rest of February’s newsletter and to pick up the recipes.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who I’m talkin’ about, PLEASE go and meet Paula NOW (scroll down to the video clip)!!  She’s a GourmetRiot!  And her recipes are for REAL people who LIKE food!!  (Phil told me that **GASP!** "not everyone who reads my blog has visited her site, and THAT, my friends is loss for YOU!)

[2]  If I’m ever stranded in a blizzard with a group of my closest friends for days on end without food, I most likely won’t look at them with hungry eyes.  I took a test and apparently it’s 72% likely I wouldn’t go cannibal on you; which makes for much more peaceful sleep under those conditions. 28%

Pensieve_button_black_poetic_licens[3]  It’s time for February’s Pensieve’s Poetic License.  Check in Monday to find out the form and theme, poems to be posted next Thursday.  It’s gonna be a fun one, y’all, you’ll definitely want to try this month’s challenge!

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