Since parenting isn’t for cowards, I thought it’d be fun to see if I could come up with 26 snippets of advice for new and not-so-new parents.  While this list is hardly conclusive, I know you have sage wisdom to add–be sure to chime in in comments!


A, B, C’s of Parenting

Affirm your children’s strengths.
Believe in their potential.
Create boundaries.
Discover dreams with them not for them.
Encourage them often.
Forgive freely.
Give them room to fail.
Hug at least once a day.
Ignore childish acts, discipline the foolish (make sure to learn the difference).
Jealously guard family time.
Kindness is something you should model for them.
Love openly, laugh often, listen** attentively (not just with your ears but also with your eyes).
Manners are a must!
Never compare siblings to each other.
Offer prayers for them & give them opportunity to pray with you.
Play games with them.
Quantity time IS quality time.
Remember you’re raising them for someone else, not yourself.
Savor each season!
Teach, train and touch them, lovingly and often.
Understand they will disappoint you on occasion…they aren’t perfect.
Verbalize your love and gratitude.
Welcome their friends in your home.
Xylophones are a gift that keeps on “giving”…if you choose to get one for your toddler you’ve been duly warned….
Yell only when necessary, but realize sometimes it IS necessary!
Zaniness goes a loooong way towards keeping your kids off balance (and your home fun); as your children get older, you will need to use all the creative means at your disposal to gain an advantage!

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** Thanks for reminding me to add that Kelly!

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