I’m sitting on my bed, looking out my window.  The
sun hasn’t yet broken the horizon, but there are evidences it’s on the
way–a layered sky of pinks then blue, delicate streaks of cloud
lingering in the division.  The silhouette of barren tree is beautiful
to me…stark, exposed, but with the promise of more in just a little
while.  Delicate branches reach out, inviting a host of life into its
hold, not greedy or selfish, just available.  Loosely held, but with a
measure of protection…and that’s enough.

Between me and the sharp, cold air–a reminder that Spring hasn’t yet
arrived–are two windows, slightly obscured with mossy green velvet,
always drawn open to coax in the light.  It is then and only then that
I see finger prints and nose prints, remnant token of closer looks on
other occasions. 

I think its telling what my eyes were drawn to first–beauty and promise.

Time to rise and shine….:)

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