Ree asked for kitchen advice, so instead of a thousand words, I’m posting a few pictures just for her.  If anyone else finds this "hidden" post, can you see me **waving and smiling**?  🙂

For perspective–

And below are some shots taken VERY QUICKLY just now, to share with my favorite Ranch Diva, you know, because she "asked" ;).


I included this shot because a) it shows the adjacent keeping room which has buttery walls and a red ceiling; plus, I lurve the red pendant lights separating the rooms.


I took this angle to show our mixed-use countertops–

black granite for the raised bar, the rest solid surface.


Last, here’s a closer view of the distressed cabinet doors; our painter provided samples with more sanding/distressing, we opted for the "more is less" option.  And never-you-mind the smudges and fingerprints–I toldja I took these quickly!!
(And mercy knows, you gotta keep it r.e.a.l….R I G H T??)

Ree, if you "need" any more decorating advice, you know where to find me (on the other side of Bloglines 😉 ).

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