On a quest of sorts this week, I’ve noticed subtle changes in the way I frame pictures.  My eye, initially drawn to the obvious, settles on the edges.  Even when my camera isn’t an extension of my hand, I’m visualizing scene composition.  And while I don’t even fully know what I’m talking about, I’m certain these changes bring improvement.   


Forsythias are in full bloom in the Tennessee Valley.  Mini trumpets of yellow adorn branches that were bare just weeks ago, reminding me nature’s fireworks sometimes dazzle quietly.  After taking several shots of these shrubs with a beautiful fountain of water behind them, I hit the ground.  Look what I was missing when I considered only the expected view–a golden carpet of fallen petals beneath a canopy fit for angels!

Nearby I noticed the "Ugly Duckling" among the swans–


This lone tulip caught my eye and snared my attention.  Why was she the only one among a sea of pansies?  Did the others die?  Had they simply not yet bloomed?  She reminded me of a mother hen herding her chicks or like a conductor directing his orchestra…or maybe just The Superior One rising above inferiority.

Project Yellow is stirring up more thought and inspiration than Anna could have predicted–at least for me anyway.  And that’s a good thing!

Numbers 5 & 6 in my series for Project Yellow.

Project Yellow

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Day 4:  American Icon

Please be sure to visit Anna Carson for more project participants!

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