It’s stylish. It’s all the rage.  It’s definitely "slimming".  And everybody’s at least trying it on for size. 

Fashionistas and marketing geniuses are green-styling everything
from entire clothing lines to lightbulbs.  Retailers can spot a consumer bandwagon a thousand miles away and while customers are "going green", they’re raking in the green.

But isn’t it a case of win-win?


In honor of Earth Day and perfectly timed with Project Green, I had to wear my new "Being Green is Hot" tee.  My husband saw it in a sale flyer and suggested it "looked" like me; if I’m not mistaken, he was flirtin’.  I bought it two hours later.

Initially I thought the message was "recycling is sexy".  Second thought has me questioning if it’s commentary on global warming, something to do with Kermit playin’ with matches, or a dangerous stab at menopausal women.

Let’s go with the first impression.  Nothin’ says "Hoochie Mama" like the aroma enveloping a woman lugging five bags of sorted plastics, paper, glass and metals to the dump, no? 😉

Visit Anna Carson Photography for the 4-1-1 on Project Green.

Project Green:

#1 – Have a ball!
#2 – Boy toy

Project Green

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