Years ago, I was sitting in a Bible study when I noticed my friend Sheila’s hands; I commented on her beautiful nails but her response wasn’t what I expected.

"I work at it."

Work at it?  I always thought you were either born with them or bought artificial (Lee Press Ons?  acrylic?  does it matter?); it had never before occurred to me to work at it.  It was motivating.

My first attempt at "working at it" was to go acrylic.  I found out quickly that wasn’t what she meant by "work at it" and it definitely wasn’t for me; my nails looked fake and I just didn’t like their feel.  Factor in the cost and upkeep, and I was done almost as soon as I began.

Then I heard about a little product that changed my life (or at least the "life" of my fingernails):  Nailtiques

My nails were severely damaged following removal of the acrylics; a friend suggested "Nailtiques After Artificial Treatment".  At $20, it was a bit pricey for what looked like clear polish, but I took her word for it.  While it didn’t repair them overnight, in a few weeks I was blown away by the improvement.  Over time, I graduated to "Formula 2" and they continued to heal…and grow…ON THEIR OWN!

Initially, I think I brushed a coat on daily; now, once a week is sufficient.  If I go more than a few weeks without taking care of my nails, they start breaking; if I go back to somewhat regular use of Nailtiques, they start growing again.

Invest in a bottle–I’m certain you’ll see a difference, even if you’ve never had long nails before (and at a fraction of the cost and time required for acrylics).

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s too much trouble or requires inordinate time!   While I’m watching "American Idol", mani’s are a part of my routine; Nailtiques application takes maybe 10 minutes to brush on and dry.  It’s a v e r y favorable Pavlovian connection.  Which is kinda weird, but not.

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