I have three favorite vacations–choosing just one is like saying I love one of my children more than the other. 

A glimpse of each:

20th Anniversary, Trip-of-our-lifetimes, October 2007:  Antigua (in the

This is the first time I needed a passport, and after almost a year of research (even polling blog readers), we found the perfect destination for us in Hermitage Bay.  We wanted intimate and private (they have only 25 cottages), all inclusive, beach front, and a spectacular setting.  Our expectations were exceeded as everything we hoped for and MORE was found in this stunning resort. 

My only problem is deciding what photos to upload (I took over 600 pictures); because I’m on intermittent wi-fi at the moment, I’ll choose just a few.









Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, July 2007

This was the first time I had seen this part of the country–and it was long over due.  Every American should be required to visit…Creation speaks the majesty of God in ways words can’t even come close! 

It was a great trip with our children and the downsides were a) we hadn’t yet purchased a new camera and b) I never saw any stinkin’ bears (but not for lack of trying!). 

Jackson Hole, Wy., was the quaintest of little towns, Yellowstone was thousands of acres of illusion, changing form around every corner, and the Grand Tetons towered their glory above us, rendering me speechless in their presence (with jaw dropped to ground). 

If you haven’t gone, make plans to now!  Pictures do NOT begin to share the magnificence of these places!









Kiawah Island, S.C. – The past 14 summers 🙂

The beach–just about any beach–is my favorite place on the planet.  My spirit sings on first sight of the ocean, when I
hear its thunderous applause as waves clap shore, and as my bare feet burrow into white sand.

We’ve taken our children to Kiawah Island since Rachel was a baby, and it’s a tradition I can’t bear to break.  Though I’d love to discover new places, the familiarity and beauty of this place is a siren’s call to my heart…and I can’t let her go.

Frustratingly, I can’t get to my beach photos right now, but guess what I could find?  My #1 reason for loving Kiawah apart from that whole beach love-fest mentioned above:  ALLIGATORS! 

We’ll be returning in a few weeks and I can promise you I’ll be on a hunt for this granddaddy gator…I just hope he’s not looking for me, too!

Thanks to Alison @ RDH Mom for choosing such a FUN Fun Monday theme (favorite vacations).  Be sure to visit her to get a ton of vacation stories from others, and who knows…you might just find YOUR next destination!

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