• Car battery DEAD!  Resourceful hubby runs out to buy a new one, it puts us only an hour behind.  No tempers lost, a mini-miracle :).
  • Huey’s Restaurant is CLOSED!  Oh, the DISAPPOINTMENT!  No beignets?  Tears commence.
  • Stumbled across The Majestic Diner, serving Atlantans for decades.  A kitschy little breakfast spot–a smokin’ omelet and decent  crispy hashbrowns, but no beignets.  S i g h.
  • 15-year-old daughter drives about three hours; no wonder I got lost reading Twilight…I NEEDED the distraction!
  • Stopped at Freshfields’ Newton Farms for a manic grocery experience.  BEST salsa on the planet–and you can tell by the price tag they’re p r o u d of it.  And yet, we’ll eat our weight in it this week.  That, and their chicken salad and shrimp salad.  This does NOT bode well for donning a bathing suit later on…!
  • Driving to our condo, we passed a mother deer and her fawn!  (Kiawah is not commercialized, heavily forrested with natural vegetation.)  The little fella STILL had spots, not much bigger than a Jack Russell.  I stopped to look at it.  The car behind me honked.  I did not have nice words to say about the car behind me.
  • First visit to the beach was after sunset.  Storms loomed in the distance, the wind whipped as furiously as the waves.  Lightening streaks and illumination behind clouds is just as spectacular as the fireworks show we’ll see on the Fourth.
  • Wi-fi courtesy of our neighbors :).

Can you tell?  I love the beach.  And, Kiawah in particular.

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