If I’m being perfectly honest–and why would I be anything else–I miss my camera almost as much as I missed my boys when they were at camp last week.  How many times have I seen something that NEEDED to be captured on film in digital?!  Pictures help me remember the little things (and the big) that I might just forget otherwise :/.

I found our old Olympus point-and-shoot, re-charged the battery, and even though it’s hardly in mint condition, at least it’s better than nothing. 

Anna concludes Project Blue today, and because I was compelled to, durn it, here are some images from my kitchen this morning.  My apologies in advance for the quality for some of them, no matter how hard I tried to be still, it looks like I’m still a little shakey :).


I have no idea why, but I’m Dawn loyal; add some rubber gloves and I’ll wash dishes for days.  Just don’t ask me to dust or iron (can I hear an "Amen!"?)

One of these blue bowls is always used for ice cream, the other for cereal (can you guess which is which?); it’s an unspoken "rule".  Funny how culinary (dietary?) traditions evolve in a family.

Because I AM a choosy mother, I believe there is no other choice besides Jif!  Two of my kids prefer smooth peanut butter, so there’s always a red-lidded jar or Jif in the house, too.

"Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina" ANY mornin’…!  This pillow from cat studio cost a small fortune, but I HAD to have it!  Nearly EVERY landmark embroidered on the cover has significance for us.  We might be livin’ in Tennessee, but on the inside?  In our hearts?  South Carolina, baby! 🙂

Please visit Anna Carson Photography if you’d like to add a Project Blue of your own.  It’s never too late to start, even if she IS concluding her series today.

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