40orlessatpensieveltgreen Sometimes I can’t help myself…I have to write until I’m "done".  And that means breaking rules, even self-imposed ones. 

I’m drawn to this photo and the ideal it represents; once I began writing a poem, I needed to complete my thought.  It took more than 40 words, so hopefully this once, you’ll forgive me :). 

Or, if you wanna stop at 40 words?  The cut-off is "Never" ;).

Can’t wait to read YOUR response–have I mentioned how much I love this photo?


His heart beats on in youthful face
In her, affections pour
She looks at him with star-filled eyes
This man, she does adore.

He sees her full potential
Her beauty in and out
His faith, his love, his wisdom
Never does she doubt.

A legacy of life well lived

Hugs, so reassuring
He passes on important things
Intangible, enduring.

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