When I began looking for spots of black in our home suited to Anna’s photo challenge, I had no idea how many objects I’d find.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think my house was something straight out of Gotham City!

Topping off

The panels that accompany this topper were featured in Project Green; the curtains hang both in our kitchen and in the sitting room opposite it.



One of the most daring, dramatic and, thankfully, satisfying home improvements undertaken the past year was painting not one, but two, of our ceilings BLACK (our entrance foyer and downstairs bathroom).  Please forgive the dizzifying angle here; it was the best way to give you a peek at the ceilings in context of the room (plus, the walls feature more black themselves!).

My precious


I’m addicted, not proud.  Until I sip my morning ritual,
you may not want to run into me.

Night-time sleep aid, may be habit forming


Originally bought to use at the beach when late-night revelers threatened my dreams, we liked it so much it’s come as constant of a companion as Aussie; whose mid-night barking, incidentally, is drowned out, too.

Big Time


No matter where you sit in our kitchen, you’ll always have plenty of time :).

Light shadows


I walked past our dining room one morning and thought the lights were on; I guess they were in a manner of speaking–the sun was peeking in, casting shadows of everything in its path.  This is one of a pair of lamps in the room, black with pineapple gold accents.


While I’ve been partying at BlogHop ’08, I’ve missed a few days of writing and finding subjects for my favorite photographic projects.  I’ll be back to normal this week (no snark allowed) and I’m please to announce Pensieve’s Poetic License will return.  In the meantime, please visit Anna Carson for more Project Black participants or to post your own.

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