THANK YOU to all who participated in last week’s Bloggy Giveaways!  For those of you new to PENSIEVE, welcome!  For those who’ve been around, thanks for sticking with me.  New subscribers?  Y’ALL ROCK!  A special thanks to those of you who commented with more than a "Sounds great!  Enter me!!", you’re appreciated. 

I chose a method more random than Random Integer Originator to choose recipients for last week’s Bloggy Giveaways:  my two sons.  I gave them the number parameters and they choose however many numbers I needed to win each day’s giveaway.  As long as the commenter was in compliance with the stated requirements, the number counted.  Sadly, there were a few who didn’t read the post, so they forfeited a giveaway :/….

Day 1

Stampin’ Up Notecards ~ #5, LisaB, Simply His (I squealed when I realized who won that!  I MET Lisa at SheSpeaks and have enjoyed getting to know her since.  Stephen had no idea who any of the commenters were, he was just picking numbers he liked; when either of the boys landed on someone I know in the b-sphere?  Well…I hate to admit it, but it’s nice to "payback" loyal readership 🙂 ).

Chaps Polo Shirt ~ #120, Saph @ Walk With Me

Day 2

Stampin’ Up Prize Pack ~ #5, Michelle Pendergrass @ Just a Minute (This was Thomas’ "five"; BUT, another long-time friend.  Yes, more squeals and smiles 🙂 ).

Burger King Gift Cards ~ #53, Paula H. and # 71 Lady Snow

Day 3
After reviewing the results of the poll, responses were fairly even.  I decided to exercise Author’s Rights, and find a mid-point.  Instead of one big ol’ honkin’ winner…and instead of three, I decided to split the difference–there are TWO winners of these giveaways:

$50 Paula Deen’s online store ~ #1, Shelly W. at Life on the Wild Side  (Shelly is a new reader–she’s the one responsible for me finding THESE BEAUTIES!–but when my son said #1 and I saw it was her?  I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Cookbook and Spice pack ~ #26, Phyllis @ Aimless Conversation <— if I’m not mistaken, this is someone who lives close to us.  WHAT’S WITH THE FAMILIARITY KARMA???  I had my boys choose #s so I wouldn’t be tempted to stack the deck towards peeps I knew, and though I don’t know Phyliss, it was cool to see another familiar name.

Day 4

Career Expedition Board Game, sponsored by Kelly @ Pass the Torch:  #21, Kristinia, Loving Heart Mommy and #30 Elizabeth M.

Day 5 ~ Choice of Books

#11 Charlotte, Owl Love to Stamp and #19 cltgrace @ Grace Full Days

It’s taken so long just to organize this post, I’ll email y’all later if you don’t see this on your own (if you DID see this and won a giveaway, please email your snail mail to me).  I HOPE HOPE HOPE I haven’t screwed up counting–on giveaway days I do NOT have The Love for TypePad where we have to count through all the comments :(.  TYPEPAD!!!  CAN YOU PUH-LEASE NUMBER COMMENTS???  Would it be so flippin’ difficult???  Yes, twice my boys chose HIGH numbers, only for me to count to that person and realize they weren’t qualified to win that giveaway >:(.  <— see Robin with a mad face, I’m pretty sure I looked!

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