Apparently, I’m much like a newborn babe, but instead of getting my days and nights reversed, I don’t know what day of the week it is, which is actually not anything like a newborn babe, but I think you get my drift regardless.

If you can follow that stellar introductory sentence, consider yourself a linguistic savant.

A gentle reminder found its way to my inbox letting me know I had yet to post a Friday’s 40 40orlessatpensieveltbluepicture.  Oopsie!  While part of me would like you to believe it was intentional, the truth is with kids back in school, I’m slowly returning to routine, but in so doing, I simply forgot. 

My heart is touched that anyone would notice, so I chose an extra special picture in hopes that several would join in at the last minute.  This is yet another sculpture in the Bluff View Arts District of Chattanooga, and my response is below; it’s not original, but it’s what I think every time I see this guy.  Gosh the artist captured his movement perfectly, don’t you think?

Details for Friday’s 40-words-or-less Photo Challenge are here, but in short, all you’re doing is copying the photo to your blog with a verbal response (be it a caption, a poem, or just stream of consciousness thoughts stirred from the image; it doesn’t have to be literal, just what comes to mind when you see it).  You’re welcome to pick up one of the F40 buttons to accompany your post, and though you don’t have to link back to PENSIEVE, a photo acknowledgment is appreciated :).


He was a sk8er boi she said see ya later boi.
He wasn’t good enough for her.
Now he’s a superstar slammin on his guitar
to show pretty face what he’s worth.

(Avril Lavigne, Sk8er Boi)


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