Blue damselfly, Winchester, TN, Labor Day 2008.  These little guys are freaks of nature–twig tails, gossamer wings, a dash of brilliant color and over-sized eyes that give new definition to "top heavy".  I tell ya, Ophelia here jumped straight from Pixar’s "A Bug’s Life".

More later this week from our trip to the "l a k e  s h a c k" (notice I use those words VERY loosely) (and I will one day SPANK our friend Chris for MISLEADING me about where we were invited!!).

Sounds like a story, yes?     It even includes videos (if I can EVER find my blasted link cord!!).

But first on my agenda?  Workin’ my behind off for Inspired Bliss!  Be sure to check out Blissfully Domestic tomorrow TODAY when it re-launches!!  My channel (faith) will be up and running in about two weeks.

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