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Sweet mercy, she's got the most beautiful arms in the business.


Does it really matter what I mean by "business"?


And style….does this girlfriend not have some serious, fun, funky s t y l e goin' on??

Nicole_c_mullen (Click the pic for a close up of THOSE AWESOME SHOES? BOOTS?  HI-TOPS??)

I've been a fan of Nicole C. Mullen ever since I heard "When You Call on Jesus" years ago, followed by "Redeemer" (must-listen-to's if you've not yet heard them!).  Though I preferred these power ballads, after experiencing Nicole in concert–you don't just listen, your body is compelled to participate!–I have a newfound appreciation for her eclectic fusion of rock, pop, R&B and funkabilly (her word, not mine 🙂 ).

Here's the thing:  the more I discover about this amazing wife, mother, daughter, friend, singer, songwriter, the more I love. 

Her commitment first is to her marriage and family.  She ministers through her local church with Baby Girls Club and a tween/teen dance group.  She doesn't just perform her music at Women of Faith Conferences, she invites conferees to worship with her; and she shares her life, her story…one that isn't perfect but points to the One who is.

Rather than re-write a bio about Nicole, please check out the fantastic links below.  Instead, I thought I'd end with a fun(ny) story that demonstrates "who" Nicole C. Mullen "is", at least in part–

During the Women of Faith conference, a fair amount of the time, I was running around the floor taking pictures.  I'd snap a few, then run back to sit with my friend, Erin, take a few more, then return. 

During one of my "runs", when I returned to our seats, my BFF Patsy Clairmont was there with a "friend" of hers, talking to Erin and waiting on my return.  Patsy was eager to introduce her, and because the worship team had already begun singing, I couldn't hear very well.  Or, let's be honest:  at all. 

Without actually hearing her name, I said, "So nice to meet you," and extended my hand to this beautiful young woman; she sweetly ignored it, instead, hugging my neck like we were long-lost best friends.

I speak in the Language of Hug, so I was thrilled that a stranger would be at ease meeting me with such a personal gesture.  My philosopy?  Any friend of Patsy's is a friend of mine.  A "good" hug is as impressive to me as a firm handshake (but I limit "meeting-hugs" to ladies only).

I continued, "Are you going to sit with us?".  This was early in the conference and I figured Patsy had several guests "like me" and this was another one of 'em.

You know where this is going.

Patsy_and_nicole_2 The lovely lady smiled a blinding dazzle in my direction and said, "Oh, no, I've got to sit over there," and sort of apologetically nodded to her left…The Porch…where the speakers are seated.

STILL not getting it, when she left, Erin turned to me and said, "Can you believe Patsy just introduced us to Nicole C. Mullen?!".


I was so flustered from running around, I didn't even realize who I was meeting!  She looked very different from my thank-you-very-much-TINY CD cover and I hadn't recognized her!  If she realized my faux pas, she gave no indication, and I'm sure it wouldn't have mattered to her.

Soon after, she seized the stage and captured my heart with song and story.  Over and over again.

Flanked by the dance troupe she mentors, her last performance Saturday afternoon earned not one, but TWO standing ovations for the "right" reasons. God-focused, magnifying, electrifying, soul-enliving, I wish "everyone" could worship the Creator in the presence of one of His soulsin this case, Nicole C. Mullenwho so beautifully and excellently and obviously lives out her calling.

Nicolecmullen_2 She was flat spent…and though the applause lauded her performance, her countenance and demeanor humbly looked Godward, wanting to give glory to an Audience of One.

There won't be any confusion the next time I see her…we're blood sisters now :).

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