Dining room table set for thanksgiving

The table is set and ready, soon to be laden with laughter and love and our favorite holiday dishes.  Three generations will celebrate in our home today, and I'm cognizant not everyone enjoys the luxury I do–truly to enjoy my family as friends.  I don't take that for granted (and for anyone who visits my blog, I prayed for you this morning, that there would be peace and harmony in your family gathering 🙂 ).

Many hands will prepare the food we'll inhale later, and I'm also aware of the influence so many different people have had in my kitchen–it's like the ghosts of friends and family are celebrating with us, as I cook recipes they once shared with me.  I smile and think of them and wonder if they're cooking a recipe of mine.

Once again I'll require a "ticket" for lunch; though we don't keep up with our Thankful Box through the year like I'd ideally like to, it definitely adds flavor and memory to our meal. 

Happy Thanksgiving friends…I'm so grateful to have you in my circle of friends!

Praise the LORD!  I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart.
Psalm 111:1

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