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Are you finding it disconcerting that Orwell’s “1984” isn’t so far-fetched?  When it was published in the 40s could he have possibly imagined the possibility of a very real Big Brother (via satellite surveillance)?!
I thought about that last night when watching a segment on “60 Minutes”–How Technology May Soon ‘Read’ Your Mind.  The “Thought Police” have already begun their work; the ramifications will be far-reaching and I can’t decide whether or not ultimately it’s a good thing.
Time will tell…it always does.

A more direct route to knowing what someone is thinking is simply to ask!  As host of this week’s Fun Monday, that’s exactly what Faye at Summit Musings has done as she asks “What’s on your mind as we close out 2008 and begin 2009? Large and small….”  

Though I’ve taken a sabbatical from participating in Fun Monday–in spite of maintaining its history–I thought this would be…well…fun to answer.  These are a few noises in my head as I begin the new year:
  • Obviously, my father.  As I approach the anniversary of his death (two years ago January 8th), I find myself quietly thinking about him…a lot.
  • My children.  My daughter is half-way through her sophomore year in high school; my BABY is in middle school!  How can I make the MOST of the time I have left with them living full time under our roof?  There’s a sense of urgency about this in my heart and mind–five minutes ago they were born; in five minutes they’ll have graduated.
  • My faith.  During the past year a new friend and our kinda-sorta interim pastor (a long story)  has really challenged my thinking.  He has this amazing gift of preaching conviction without condemnation; I’ve never heard that tension expressed so encouragingly.  Joe makes me want to know Jesus more intimately, to love him more devotedly, and to share the hope of the gospel with those who don’t know it.  My prayer is that you’d see less of Robin and more of Christ as I learn what it means to die to self and allow him to live through me.  What a compelling mystery!
  • Doing more with less so we can do more for others.  2008 brought with it a heightened concern for the needs of others, both globally and closer to home.  Working with Seth on promoting The Mother Letter Project, I eventually stumbled across The Advent Conspiracy (if you haven’t watched this video yet, pleasePLEASE click it now!).  Its message affected the way I celebrated Christmas, and it continues to shape my thoughts now.  Warning:  you can’t walk away from watching the video and not be affected….
  • Blogging.  A squillion things here, so let’s knock out a few bullet points:

~ Attending BlissDom ’09 (I cannot wait to moderate the panel Shannon and Melanie will be speaking on–we have the first Apprentice session of the conference!  Guys, if you ever thought about attending a blogging conference, this is an EXCELLENT venue and there’s still about 80 spots left–but they’re going fast, so HURRY!)

~ Cleaning up my blog (a redesign?)

~ Constructing a decent About Page

~ More consistent response to my precious commentors and readers!

~ Re-engaged in and support of the community

~ Continued vision-casting and development of Inspired Bliss

~ More frequent posts submitted for Blog Nosh

~ Fine-tuning knowledge and use of social media

This list is endless, but these things are a start :).

  • Returning to work.  Full time?  Part time?  Free lancing?  I’m not sure what this return to work outside the home will look like, but I’m excited about the possibilities.  My background is in public relations, marketing, advertising and writing (is that really a surprise?), so in a very real sense, both directly and indirectly, I’ve been able to use that skill set in blogging and related online activities.

I’m skipping into 2009 with an air of expectancy and eagerness; I don’t think I’ll be disappointed :).

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or be sure to share what’s on YOUR mind in comments!

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