The skies are brightening, the rain has stopped, and my kids are snuggled in their beds with visions of anything but sugar plums dancing in their heads.

They are happy, in spite of being awakened at 6:35 to get ready for school; because at 6:36, I turned on my radio to find out school is cancelled because of snow RAIN.  Upwards of four inches fell yesterday and many roads are closed or unsafe for travel.
The hazard of living in the Tennessee VALLEY when you aren’t in a drought.
Off to photograph my flooded neighborhood–I’ll post what I find later today.
{{Shout out your location & a weather report.  Unless it’s 75 and sunny, ’cause then I’d have to smack you DOWN!}}
REVISED:  Talk about a rude awakening–
So, as mentioned above, I’m running around my ‘hood taking pictures of the creek over-flowing its banks when I get a text.  The kids DO have school, it’s just delayed one hour.  a)  The blasted radio AND news site had it wrong!  b)  VERY thankful for cell phones and the friend who thought to text us; c) my children?  Let’s just say they awakened to a nightmare :).
Not-so-happy campers scrambling to get ready now; good thing Mama was dressed from her photo jaunt!
(pictures uploaded in a bit)

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