There are two reasons I have yet to post about my expectation-exceeding weekend at BlissDom '09:

  1. Our internet was down when I got home (until–HORRORS!–Tuesday!).  Although I hung out at a local wi-fi hotspot on Monday, I just couldn't get my groove on…waaaay too many distractions.
  2. There is so much to show and tell, to do it justice I would need to write a 12,428-word post with 213 pictures.  Who has time to write that?  Better yet, who has time to READ that???

So…scattered over the next several posts, I'll introduce you to some amazing women, invite you to see a few BlissDom sights and share my perspective on this wonderful conference.


Before I get to all that, though, you really need to know who made BlissDom '09 possible!

Alli Worthington aka Mrs. Fussypants and Barbara Jones
First, a HUGE shout out to Allison Worthington, Founder of Blissfully Domestic and author of Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life and the Worthington Wire, and to Barbara Jones, Founder of One2One Network.  These ladies are sharp, driven, and masters of their craft.  They know their strengths and use them well, understand the power of women and their influence, and they've constructed a venue which teaches, inspires and connects women in a powerful way.  As the editor for Inspired Bliss, I am grateful to work with Alli and a team of editors who are professional, warm and well-spoken.  (Photocredit:  Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry)

Companies lined up in droves to sponsor BlissDom '09.  Because of them we were wined and dined, treated to some fantastic shows and sufficiently sugared to pieces.  With 300 blogging mamas/daughters/sisters wielding a powerful pen laptop, this was a shrewd investment by these social media-savvy sponsors:

 Thanks to–Walmart-300x117

  • Walmart (who gave away three iPod Touch's AND…two sponsorships to South by Southwest, more on that later Pearl-nobar-300x114
    because…I WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS!!!)
  • Disney Pearl Series (THIS is a must see, it will exceed your expectation.)
  • New-ld-100cal-300x167
    Little Debbie 100 Calorie Packs (Chocolate Cakes, Yellow Cakes, Nutty Bars, Gingerbread Cookies, Marshmallow Treats, Fudge Brownies and Snow Puffs?  Little Debbie knows how to satisfy a girl's sweet tooth…a thousand different ways!)
  • Sonymusic
    Sony Music (They gave us Chris Mann; he gave us tons o' fun.  Cute boy, infectious personality, and man, can he SANG!)
  • Geek-squad-300x175
    Geek Squad (This group speaks tech and were there to serve.  They were eager to help with any problem conferees had.
  • Lands End (They provided darling swag bags, that yes, we WILL use again!)
  • Rgmlogo
    Real Girls Media (A media network bringing it all together for women.  Their words, not mine.)
  • Crocs1-300x134
    Crocs ($50 gift certificates for every attendee?  Now that got us buzzing about Crocs!  Who knew they had so many styles??)
  • (They provide all types of caregivers–baby sitters, pet sitters, tutors, I was surprised by all they offer.)
  • New Line Records
  • Lijit (Smart placement were their tee shirt giveaways, though I was too slow on that draw.  In hindsight, I wish I had talked to these people–it seems like what they offer would be of great benefit to bloggers!)
  • Victor Records
  • Blue House Blogs (The tech wizard behind the scenes at Blissfully Domestic.  Amazing work!)
  • Windup Records

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