Based on my recent stream of good fortune, I'm thinkin' about purchasing a lottery ticket for the first time in my life–

It's been all I could do to keep this quiet (I had my reasons 😉 ).  Not only did I win a trip to SXSW in Austin, Texas…but, while I was there…

I WON A NEW CAR!!  A Ford Flex, compliments of @scottmonty!!

Ford Flex

Ok…kidding aside, I DID get to test-ride the Ford Flex, and it's one…nice…ride!  As a mom who's enduring the "mini-van/opposite-of-uber-cool" years, I liked it…I'd be happy to drive one indefinitely.  One of my favorite features?  The option for a built-in fridge right between the seats (cooler horrors on childhood family vacations come to mind, lol); a close second fave is its Voice Activated Navigation System with Reverse Camera System and SIRIUS TravelLink™.  It's freakish what all it can tell you!  I'm sure you would be much more interested in its other features but I'm impressed with their standard options.  

Anyways…..I had lunch with a few friends at P.F. Changs Sunday afternoon.  After reading my fortune cookie–even though I don't believe in luck or games of chance AT-ALL–I'm headed to the Golden Express to buy a lotto ticket.

Fortune cookie at P.F. Changs 

Do you blame me??

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