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Did you happen to DVR American Idol last night only to realize THE SHOW RAN LONG AND ADAM LAMBERT'S PERFORMANCE WAS CUT OFF??  Adam Lambert's amazing Tears for Fears "Mad World" performance??  I'm not even a fan of the song and he had me at hello "all around me are familiar faces…".  Here, in its entirety including the AI intro, judges' remarks and Simon's standing O. 

That alone is telling…..:)


GREAT…it keeps getting removed from youtube, so if you wanna see it, click the American Idol site and you'll at least see his performance (tears for those of you who didn't get to see the whole thing!)

And now, a personal fan letter:

Heart-doodle from http://heartaday.wordpress.com/
Dear Youtube,

Thank you.  I love you.  Should I ever renounce my religion, move to Utah and become a polygamist, will you marry me? 

Love & hugs & pink puffy heart doodles,


Photo credit:  American Idol

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