There's a lot of information to convey, so to keep me brief and on track, let's provide it list-style:

  1. Lisa Lehman, aka @thebeadgirl and who happens to be hosting a $500 giveaway at her site, is setting a fantastic example of how to support the blogging community:  she's tweeting a little tidbit about all the bloggers she's visiting through the Blog Hop.  Check out her Twitter stream to see what I mean.
  2. Please remember to use the Blog Hop hashtag on all your tweets!  #BlogHop09 {is it possible to make it trend today?  I'm not holding my breath, but how cool would THAT be!!!}
  3. Remember to visit first those Blog Hoppers who share the last digit in your MckLinky number; this will assure everyone is getting evenly visited :).
  4. Much appreciation to all our giveaway sponsors!!   UPDATED from original guidelines:  You may enter to win all giveaways now through August 2nd at midnightBecause there are so many great offerings, we want to make sure you have enough time to enter while you're Blog Hopping!!

Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife is hosting several of our sponsors' giveaways; please see her site for complete details, but these wonderful offerings include: 

12 Naturally Nora Cake/Frosting Mixes (Retail value $50)

A selection of Sun and Earth products (Retail value $52)

Eco "Talk Green to Me" bag, {RV $14.99, thanks to Eco Bags}

Thanks to Jo-Lynne for co-hosting this year's Blog Hop; in addition to being a blogger friend I've had the pleasure of meeting IRL, she's a fantastic blog designer!  If you want a custom look, be sure to check out DCR Designs.

**Links will be updated w/giveaway posts soon.  See my disaster post.**

In order to keep this comment thread from disaster, and to make it
easiest for you to enter only (or all!) the giveaways of interest to you, please
click on the link below to learn how to enter each one.  {PLEASE NOTE ~ In order to be eligible for ANY of the giveaways, you must have a link registered on the Blog Hop MckLinky & have a Blog Hop '09 button on your front page!} :

(sweater, necklace & earrings, backpack, 3 separate giveaways over $200 total)

Paula Deen $50 giftcard to her online store

Crocs $50 online giftcard

*Newly added* DaySpring ($50 to their online store!)

*Newly added* Scentsy deluxe warmer and bar ($35 value)

Build-a-Bear, $25 giftcard

Five Ways to {Blank} Your Blog (book) and $10 Starbucks gift card (Thanks to Deb on the Rocks)

One month free ad space on Mom's Marbles (Valued at $30)

Family Feasts for $75 a Week (book) {RV $17.95, Compliments of Mary at Owlhaven)

The Jesus Storybook Bible (RV $16.99, compliments of Oh Amanda)

*Newly added* Purple Trail Annual Membership for no-ad invitations, ecards & more ($15 value)

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