When I was a little girl, I had fizzy affection for all things "mini"–Hershey's chocolate bars and stuffed animals and oddly enough, office supplies.  I'm convinced whoever invented Polly Pockets
and Littlest Pet Shop
toys was Just.Like.Me., and had I been a teaspoon brighter and a dash more risky–and you know, thought of it first!–I'd be rolling in the green, compliments of Mattel or Hasbro.

One of the reasons for my little love affinity was the size of my black patent leather pocketbook; shoulder-strapped with an envelope enclosure, it was the perfect size for my age five frame.  For anything to fit inside, however, it had to be small.  It was a dress purse reserved for special occasions, and I suppose my first plane ride was its most significant.

This was back in the day when people dressed for travel; my sister and I were no different.  Black and white houndstooth suits, belted in red patent leather, we were twins born 16 months apart.  As the younger sister, I adored the arrangement; my big sister probably resisted it. I'm not completely sure, but I'd wager we wore black and white saddle shoes, iced with white lacy socks. 

Rising above the clouds, I was fascinated.  I hadn't realized their enormity from the ground, and now tickling their faces I was spellbound by their effortless magic!  I imagined what it would be like to run through them or jump from perch to perch, and I was certain their taste was of spun sugar.  Mostly, I longed to reach out and scoop up two handfuls, to keep safely in my patent leather pocketbook until I had the notion to bring them out again to play with or show my friends.

It was disillusioning when I learned they were just vapor.

Recently, I looked through five years of digital images; I had never before noticed how often I photograph these magical, ethereal shape shifters.  Clearly my childhood fascination remains intact, vapor or no stinkin' vapor. 

Then, again, they are where rainbows are born…:)

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sun piercing through clouds

above the clouds, airplane view

Airplane view of clouds in Antigua

clouds, beach & dunes at Kiawah

clouds & reflections, on pond at Kiawah

Taken w/cell phone, clouds behind church steeple

Initially, this was an entry for Carmi's Thematic Photographic at Written, Inc., but since he's changed themes (from Clouds to Aviation), and I jumped down a long bunny trail, I guess it's just a plain ol' post :).

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