Three things while I try my "best" to rewrite the post I was "this close" to publishing, the follow-up to A Time to Speak–somehow lost when I blinked [insert screeching, foot stomping and language that would earn me an "R" rating here]. 

[1]  The movie version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
opened at midnight, and because searches for "pensieve" have already been heating up, a few bits of related trivia:
    a)  Pensieve is pronounced like "pensive", not pen sieve.
    b)  What, in fact, is a pensieve?  A stone basin used to store memories, to relieve the mind of clutter.  Memories, seen by a third-person point of view, can be re-visited by anyone; the viewer is present in the memory but not a part.
    c)  A pensieve was first introduced in book four, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Harry accidentally discovered it in Dumbledore's office.  Pensieves in the movie series do not look like they're described in the books!
    d)  It should play a prominent part in the movie; it certainly does in book six.  {Revised…it does play a prominent role…and if you wanna know my take on the movie??  Ask…:)}
    e)  I've been criticized for using it as my blog name due to its association with sorcery :(.  IMHO, it was a brilliant concept, and I saw it as literary device to advance plot more than say, playing Pied Piper and leading you all to hell. 

[2]  I posed a question on Twitter, asking followers to name their favorite childhood non-electronic toys.  How 'bout shouting out your favorites in comments and/or voting in the poll below:

[3]  I have a "personal trainer" now, and I gotta admit it, between him and the looming threat of having to buy "the next size up", I'm highly motivated.  Couple that with two friends who are similarly motivated, and voila!  I've got accountability.  Which, for the record, is ABSOLUTELY kickin' my trash!  It's amazing to me how just a little bit of exercise encourages me to cut down on junk food–amazing in the "I'm-not-the-least-bit-happy-about-it-so-I'd-better-see-some-results-soon kind of way.

Part of Charles' training is delivered via text message.  Tidbits like, "Remember:  Breath is FUEL!  Concentrate on smooth rhythmic breathing patterns when you walk.  Especially when you increase intensity.  Deliberate, intentional," and "I wouldn't focus so much on weight loss.  Think of it as muscle redistribution. Patience, Grasshopper."

The best part of it is he works for FOOD!  Cook him a decent meal and we're good for a few weeks! :) 

Seriously, go visit his new blog and comment a little encouragement.  The guy's a spin master AND avid cyclist and he knows the science of exercise!

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