I can't help it:  I feel the need to share with you when…

  • something really cool takes place as a result of blogging
  • I find something of benefit to you
  • I stumble across posts that might be of interest to others
  • I need your help {prettyprettyPLEASEwithtonsofbrownsugar!}

This post is chock full with all four {would someone kindly illuminate me as to what the heck a "chock" is?}.

1.  In the news and on the air.

A staff reported with Time Magazine contacted me via Twitter and email to ask if I was willing to chat about .  At first I thought it was a joke but serial entrepreneur Ted Murphy assured me it was legit.  So I talked.  And  


Sure, I know it was Time online, but still…cool to moi!  And though he only included a small portion of our conversation (expected), I was relieved to see I didn't sound like a complete nut case.

Then, my good friend & SXSW roomie, Sugar Jones, asked me to chime in about the subject on her new blog talk radio show, The Sugar Buzz.  I appreciate how she allows both sides of the story and debate to be considered (regardless of her subject matter), and she's fabulous at facilitating conversation.  

Sugar is a people magnet, online and off, and if you haven't visited her site, chopchop!  What are you waiting for?

3.  Make money in 140 characters or less.

Twitter continues to confound me; yes, I'm a user (sounds suspiciously addictive, no?), yes, I think it has value on a number of different levels, but I also approach it with a sense of wariness.  In spite of all that, IF you're a fan, too, I'm encouraging you to consider joining .  Based on a) the response to about it, b) you can accept or decline any opportunity extended to you, c) it's a one-time tweet that does NOT overwhelm your followers, d) disclosure assures integrity, why not make an occasion return on your influence? 

I understand the arguments against it, I just don't happen to agree with them :).

IF you're interested in signing up or AT LEAST finding out more, it would mean a lot if you (or the icon below)!!  I just found out there's a referral contest going on and I'd love to win!!  {Funny, I didn't even know about it, had planned to write about Sponsored Tweets anyway, so SCORE!  Maybe it's a sign I could actually win??  Ok…not holding my breath…the competition is fierce! 🙂 }

3.  I've begun the process of blog re-design and in addition to scrambling my brain, it has had me contemplating the evolution of blogging (well, redesign AND approaching my four-year bloggiversary).  I was stunned to read other bloggers who're thinking similiarly, channeling many of my own thoughts sprinkled with a few of their own:

Scribbit {I love her},

Maggie @ Okay.  Fine.  D@mmit {excellent writer!}, ""

4.  Funniest Post Evah {or at least in a very long time!!}

BooMama mixes words like no other, and "; had me rolling on the floor laughing.  Yes, quite literally ROFL.  If you're of the Christian uber-spiritual persuasion, you'll most appreciate. 

When you're done reading that, belly up to her for enough recipes to tie you to the kitchen for years–sweet mercy, I gained 7 pounds just reading the list! 

Love-this-site-awards--Parenting 5.  And last…would you please register and vote for me?  I'm so thankful to be included in the Divine Caroline "Love This Site Awards", but PENSIEVE is languishing in the voting.  There are many worthy contenders, so your support would mean a lot to me!

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