{Revised after voting: WAHOO!!! They've made it through to the next round!!}

FightingGravityIn spite of my discovery of Paul Potts (winner of Britain's Got Talent) years ago, I've never watched the show's American counterpart.  My youngest loves America's Got Talent, so I finally sat down and watched it with him tonight; by the end of the show I developed mad love for Fighting Gravity.  





You MUST watch if you haven't yet met these guys!  It's pure, fun entertainment, and though I haven't seen much of their competition, I bet they'll be around til the end. (Plus, they've got a great story–a band of brothers chasing their dream.)

Alg_old_spice Fighting Gravity is doing for black lights what the Old Spice Guy (aka Isaiah Mustafa) is doing single-handedly to .  Both are phenoms in their own right, shredding the internet with a wicked (schmart) case of viral marketing.  

How can you not love the man, man "who smells like he can bake me a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built for me with his own hands"?

Good thing my husband is the understanding sort ;).

{{Hello people from Fighting Gravity's Facebook page!  I see you…HOLLA & let me know you stopped by!! 🙂 }}

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