I love my hometown; though it was never as small, it’s Mayberry to me.

A few weeks ago I went back to celebrate my niece’s first birthday.  Since my parents aren’t living, it’s not a trip I make often enough.

Walking though Five Points, I relish the places that remain untouched by time.  A critical eyebrow raises at anything new and shiny.

The laundromat’s open door was a magnet, and immediately I was drawn to these lines.  Aren’t they gorgeous??

Black and white laundromat


I wasn’t seeing this in color…I was seeing it in black and white.



My sister is used to my photography insanity by now; she didn’t blink an eye when I was compelled to shoot washers and dryers.  Maybe because as a mother who’s washed a squillion loads, she wants to SHOOT washers and dryers!


Memory fails me; I can’t remember if this place was here when I was a little girl traipsing up and down Lumpkin Street.


But that doesn’t matter.  It felt like home.

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