He’s eagerly anticipated it for days and had a near meltdown the night before when he thought he missed this Once-in-a-Century E v e n t.  I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned my son’s personal obsession.


October 10, 2010, 10:10:10 p.m.–10:10:10:10:10  To time obsessive-compulsives numerologists across the globe, it means something.

Stephen set his alarm as reminder lest he forget to watch his clock tick-tock to his precious Appointed Time.  It was hardly necessary–there wasn’t a chance of him forgetting.  He also practiced taking pictures with his cell phone so he’d know exactly when to “click” to capture the seconds when they hit “10”.  So we waited.

And you think watching water boil is interesting….

I’ve never seen a kid so “all in”.  In his mind, THIS was reason to celebrate!  Capturing the moment was important…day-making…victory!

His dad was amused.

His sister “blessed his heart.”

His brother didn’t get it.

But his undaunted enthusiasm and unbridled excitement was contagious…and I caught it. Maybe simply because I’m his mom, but maybe because of something more…bigger…valuable:

I know all too well these moments are fleeting.  

He’s 13-and-a-half now.  That six months makes a difference you know; to both of us but for very different reasons.

Parenting’s delicate tension is knowing when to hold on and when to let go.


How wise the parent who subtly loosens her grip before her child demands it.  How much wiser the one who knows when a nudge is necessary.  Some baby birds need a push from their mother to leave their nest; but I imagine there are others compelled to stretch their wings and fly because they hear the Call of Sky and Wild and have to go.

My children have no idea how they inspire me; how they make me want to be better.  How I’m changed because of them….

They’re all my babies, but this youngest child of mine is still Boy.  Man-changes are evident–it’s futile for me to resist acknowledging them–but if given opportunity, he would still

… gift me with golden lions

… cherish a side-by-side moment

… give me a bucket of reasons NOT to blink

… use a ball for a throne & be a chair for a cat….


So last night we clock-watched together.  His gaze fixed on Time, mine on him. Together we celebrated victory, capturing exactly what we hoped to.

His documented in picture; mine engraved on my heart.



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